Account Director / Client lead (510 views)

Claremont, Cape Town
Jan 26, 2018

Looking for a strategically strong client service rock star, known for commitment to excellence who is looking for an exciting challenge outside of the advertising agency world. 

This is a great opportunity for a strong leader who’s excelled in all aspects of an agency’s processes including: Ideation, client service, overall production and managing and inspiring a team. 

We’re looking for someone who inspires others with their thirst for excellence and demonstrates consistently high quality work so the whole company can completely rely on them. 

About: Engage Video Group

Engage Video Group is a next generation publishing business specialising in highly sharable social videos. Founded by a team of ex-Google and online video experts. Backed by the world’s very best Venture Capitalists. Growing very fast with an exceptional team of A players.  Driven by the desire to be the biggest and most impactful publisher in Africa. Reaching over 10m people per week. 

Role requirements


You will be the linchpin between a team of people across the production, paid media, social media departments. Inspiring team members to deliver their very best work every day in a fast paced, ever changing creative environment. You will also need to manage work flows, achieving deadlines and objectives with multiple concurrent work streams.


You will ensure that all videos going live on the Foodies platform have been thoroughly considered to ensure maximum performance on the platform. This involves: An in-depth analysis into the impact of all aspects of videos from thumbnails to headlines. A developed intuitive feel as to how all the above impact performance. Analyzing global leaders in our space to identify trends and opportunities. Keeping on top of developments in the industry and remaining at the forefront of progression and innovation in this regard.


You will work with a diverse range of clients across multiple businesses and industries from CMOs to interns. We require someone in this role to represent our brand and ensure that our effectiveness, world class quality of product, efficiency, creativity and digital leadership remain at the forefront of what our clients expect from us. 

 Most importantly, you will exhibit the following behavioral characteristics: 

  • Create clarity – Our work product is truly exceptional! It’s also complex and only one of hundreds of things senior marketers have to consider. It’s vital that you have the ability to package complex data in a neat inspiring way.
  • Passionate – Super passionate about the intersection between brand marketing and digital with a deep interest in the positive impact social media can have on the world.
  • Inspirational – You are enthusiastic and inspired and people around you feel and gravitate towards this inspiration
  • Confident – You will be at ease engaging with senior marketers 
  • Strongly strategic – you will be able to navigate nuanced complexities around the creative product in the digital world 
  • Problem solver – Always been good at solving problems? You will work quickly and effectively at finding solutions to day-to-day problems – nothing is too big or small.
  • Highly adaptive – speed, flexibility and quick thinking are key to this role and environment. Our business is very different today than just 6 months ago, this pace of change needs to inspire you.

Lastly, this is a really awesome inspiring job working with an exceptional group of team mates and clients producing massively impactful work product. 

Additional considerations:

3 – 6 years of experience in agency 

Ideally strong grasp of digital 

History of high performance, rapid promotion and previous academic achievement a plus 

Package is strongly competitive relative to experience 


Salary: R25 - 30 000