Brand Manager: Restaurant/Food Industry (543 views)

Stellenbosch, South Africa
Dec 11, 2018

We have an exciting opportunity for a mid-weight Brand Manager to work in-house on a fabulous food brand from their offices in wonderful Stellenbosch. In this role you will be called upon to develop, manage and monitor the brand strategy to drive and sustain revenue growth. This fast-paced environment requires an on-the-ball and experienced individual who has a true passion for Marketing. Previous Retail account experience within an Advertising Agency is a plus. 



  • Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Understand the customer through detailed market research & analysis
  • Define the brand’s Corporate Identity
  • Align all concrete and intangible customer touch-points to the defined Corporate Identity
  • Understand the customer through detailed market research & analysis
  • Ensure that Brand bible is up to date (Review, align and communicate after every 6 months)
  • Quarterly Marketing Review Meetings
  • Brand bible reviews
  • Align all internal Communications to Corporate Identity
  • Identify, implement & monitor Public Relations interventions to attract employees
  • Effective and efficient people management
  • Identify standard Public Relations interventions which would assist in attracting employees
  • Ensure good stories in Newspaper
  • Number of good stories published in external newspapers
  • Drive Business Growth
  • Develop & implement pricing strategy
  • Develop & implement Menu strategy (incl. e.g. identifying New Product Development gaps)
  • Plan, develop and execute the marketing calendar in order to build brand awareness
  • Ensure timely development of marketing calendar to communicate to stakeholders
  • Growth on Existing Business (GEB) sales
  • Improve Profitability
  • Ensure effectiveness (positive Return on Investment) of marketing spend
  • Establish, manage and monitor the marketing spend
  • Select & negotiate preferential rates with service providers for example the media
  • Monitor and report on effectiveness of campaign results (Return On Investment)
  • Develop service level agreements
  • Ensure service level agreements are in place
  • Ensure Above the Line (ABL) Return on Investment evaluated per campaign
  • Marketing spend vs incremental guest count
  • Marketing cost vs budget
  • Build and Foster Strategic Relationships
  • Build and foster relationships with Key Agencies (Digital, Traditional and Public Relations)
  • Build & foster relationships with Shoprite Brand Managers to leverage Shoprite market power
  • Identify & manage Corporate Social Investment projects
  • Number of monthly meetings conducted with global brand
  • Number of meetings conducted with Agencies
  • Number of media references (“Talkability” of the Corporate Social Investment projects)
  • Ensure Compliance & Manage Risk
  • Ensure compliance with Consumer Protection Act, POPI, and Food Labelling Act
  • Develop & Implement a Media crisis Management and Communication Plan


The successful candidate must have/be:

  • Relevant Degree/Diploma
  • Great at decision making and initiating action
  • Able to lead and supervise
  • Supportive and cooperative
  • Loves working with people
  • Good at interacting and presenting
  • Persuasive and able to influence
  • Analytical
  • Creative & conceptual
  • Innovative
  • Organised & good at execution
  • A great planner
  • Able to deliver results and meet customer expectations
  • Adaptive and responsive to change
  • Copes well with pressures and setbacks
  • Enterprising & performance oriented
  • Able to achieve personal work goals and objectives
  • Entrepreneurial and a commercial thinker.


Salary: Negotiable