Digital Account Director: Video Content Agency (351 views)

Cape Town, South Africa
Mar 25, 2019

A fabulously innovative video content creation agency is on the lookout for a strategically strong Digital Account Director. This sensational Cape Town based role calls for a dynamic individual known for commitment to excellence;  who is looking for an exciting challenge in the future of data and technology driven video. This is a great opportunity for a strong leader who’s excelled in all aspects of agency life, including coming up with ideas, reviewing ideas, assessing comms strategy and finally inspiring amazing clients and super talented team members. While we are looking for someone with agency experience, this company is very different to most agencies. We’re looking for someone who inspires others with their thirst for excellence and demonstrates consistently high quality of work so that the whole company can completely rely on them. You will work with a diverse range of awesome clients across multiple businesses and industries at a very senior level. You will be called on to represent the agency’s brand, intelligence and technology to ensure that their effectiveness and world-class quality of product remain at the forefront of clients’ expectations. The agency’s work product is truly exceptional! It’s vital that you have the ability to package complex ideas and data in a neat inspiring way.
This truly is an awesome and inspiring job, working with an exceptional team, inspiring and succeeding on behalf of awesome clients, producing massively impactful work product which audiences absolutely love. It’ll also please you to know that there is potential for participation in employee share plan.

Help clients understand the agency’s completely unique approach to each of the following:

  • Strategy
  • Ideas
  • Film shoots
  • Split testing
  • Optimisation algorithms
  • Data based media
  • Social media best practices
  • Seeding
  • Reporting
  • Billing


The successful candidate must have/be:

  • Relevant industry related Diploma/Degree
  • +-10 years’ experience in related industries
  • History of high performance, rapid promotion and academic achievement
  • Great at creating clarity
  • The ability to package complex ideas and data in a neat inspiring way.
  • Super passionate about the intersection between brand marketing and technology with a deep interest in the positive impact social media can have on the world.
  • Enthusiastic and inspired about the work you do and things which interest you and people around you feel and gravitate towards this inspiration
  • Confident – at ease engaging with CMOs and CEOs
  • Strongly strategic – able to navigate nuanced strategic complexities around creative product and ideas
  • Expert problem solver.
  • Highly adaptive – Speed, flexibility and quick thinking are key to the continued success of this business – it’s important that you are inspired by what the future holds and are excited  to run towards it
  • Great at building teams of exceptional people around you – From hiring to inspiring to managing
  • Great to work with – Kind, friendly, slow to get frustrated, quick to praise, positive and energetic.
  • Strong cognitive ability to navigate the complex ever-changing world on behalf of your team and clients
  • Excellent at building client relationships



Salary: Negotiable