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Claremont, Cape Town
Sep 6, 2019

EVG Community Manager Job Spec

Some Context – Engage Video Group

Engage Video Group is the largest social media publisher in Africa. We have multiple platforms – our largest/most popular being Foodies of SA.

The Foodies of SA brand and community is booming at the moment. We deeply value our audience and believe that the good relationship that we have with them results in stronger, more relevant work/content.

Job description:

We are looking for a full-time community manager to manage our ever-thriving and superengaged community (of well over a million people) across multiple platforms.

This person will: reply to comments and answer/address any audience questions/queries.

They will also work to 1) foster a sense of community amongst our audience and 2) be the ‘link’ between the Foodies of SA team and our audience.

Essentially they will be ‘the face’ of the Foodies of SA brand. They will work closely with our social media manager/team to evolve and optimize effective strategies in this space and they will communicate/present any insights that they discover to the team on a regular basis.

This person needs to be proficient on all social media channels (mainly Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.) They should be current/in touch with the trends of the day, culturally sensitive and in tune, personable and warm and must have an excellent copy-writing/communication skills.


A marketing/ social media/copy-writing/brand-related qualification is ideal but not necessary.


1-3 years in a social media or brand-related role


Experience dependent

Salary: R10 - 15 000

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