Junior Traffic Manager (394 views)

Johannesburg South Africa
Jul 20, 2018

Job purpose

Co-ordination of all jobs that are in the system, to ensure the efficient output of work.

Key responsibilities

·         Ensuring that all jobs are put into the system and revert within 24hrs of receiving the brief if not sooner.

·         Ensuring that all jobs are allocated an appropriate team and given clear timings.

·         Communication with client service at all times.

·         Communication with the entire Traffic department to ensure efficient work planning.

·         Constant communication with the print/electronic production departments to ensure follow through of all jobs.

·         Allocation of work to the relevant creative teams with the approval of the Creative Director.

·         Following up on all jobs throughout the entire process.

·         Obtaining all relevant information from Client Service that may be required to complete the job within the allocated timing.

·         Arranging internal reviews with Creative Director and AM’s.

·         Liaising with Production, with regard to cost estimates & the feasibility of the proposed creative.

·         Ensure Saatchi & Saatchi global best practice and standards are applied and delivered on client accounts on an ongoing basis.

·         Ensure you are at all times aware of and fully up to date on client’s ways of working, methodologies, practices and standards.

·         Ensure the timely development and execution of plans, campaigns and projects.

·         Ensure that everything that we do is done with the utmost integrity.

·         The sign-off process needs to be done at all times.

Key performance measure

·         On time delivery

·         Ensure that work is turned around as efficiently as possible

·         Ensure billings of jobs are done timeously by all client service teams

·         Ensure that you respect our people, our clients and our product

·         Communication Skills:  The ability to convey clear instructions, and communicate with others effectively.

·         Problem Solving Skills: Must be able to think on your feet as problems arise.

·         Management Skills: Must be capable of “managing” Creative and Client Service.

·         Negotiating Skills: Must be able to negotiate with AM re deadlines and reluctant Creative.

·         Accuracy; Must have an attention for detail.

·         Organisational Skills: Must be able to co-ordinate & organize the jobs in the system.

·         Planning Skills: Must be able to plan efficiently

·         Time Management Skills

·         The ability to foresee problems and find solutions before they occur.

Internal and external relationships

·         Contribute to the overall positive morale of the Agency.

·         Control and manage the workflow within the agency and among all the teams.

·         Make sure your standing within the Agency as a team leader.

·         Promote the culture and ethos of the Company as Confident, Trusting, Connected, Stimulating, Fun, Fearless, Provocative

·         Live the spirit of “ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM, Nothing is Impossible”



Personal competencies

·         Accountable and responsible: Prepared to give an account for actions and performance. Take responsibility for all workflow within the agency.

·         Enthusiastic and team spirit: Passionate, the ability to function and work as part of the team.

·         Self-motivated and self driven: Pro-active and self disciplined

·         A motivator to others

·         Open-minded and flexible: Tolerant of people’s idiosyncrasies and shortcomings and working with those in order to get the best out of the individual. The ability to be flexible.

·         Problem –solving: Ability to think on your feet, and solve a problem ensuring that the quality/deliverable is not compromised.

·         Accurate and precise: Meticulous and conscientious – need to check for mistakes and errors and to correct them, or question their intent.

·         Be seen by others (clients and staff) to be:

2.    Inspirational

3.    Provocative

4.    Courageous

5.    Passionate

6.    Connected

7.    A team player

8.    Trusted

9.    Ideas Obsessed

Salary: R10 - 15 000