Lead Software Developer (617 views)

Rosenpark, Bellville
Jul 7, 2018

Lead Software Developer

Swarm Digital is an established software development agency requiring a forward thinking and experienced individual to lead an ongoing project of a key client who is looking to cement their core development team in the upcoming months. This team is going to be the backbone of all technical operations and as such needs to be versatile, reliable and very proficient. The developers need to have a strong sense of belonging to the project as it requires dedication and code of the highest quality. Shortcuts and half solutions is not accepted.

With this in mind the role of the lead developer needs to encompass all of the above and more.

Technical Skills:


  • C# .Net Core
  • NoSql, specifically MongoDB or the ability to rapidly learn
  • Docker experience
  • Asp.Net MVC
  • Asp.Net WebAPI (RESTful)
  • Git


  • Experience in front-end technologies
  • AWS experience
  • Hangfire
  • React
  • Express.js
  • Sass

Duties & Responsibilities:  

  • Implement and manage documentation for all aspects of the project
  • Manage team performance and deliverables
  • Ensuring best practice in development process and delivery
  • Implement best practice security standards and data protection
  • Responsible for continuous deployment and integrations
  • Take responsibility and make key decisions on all technical aspects

The lead developer needs to have a firm understanding of system architecture. It will be the lead developers responsibility to handle decisions on system architecture and must be able to formulate a design based on scalability and performance. This ranges from AWS EC2 servers, database design, caching solutions to replication of containers and more. The lead developer would need to firmly believe in modularity and separation of concerns when implementing new components.

Managerial Skills:

The ideal candidate should have excellent communication skills, being able to explain high level concepts down to low level technical details. They must be comfortable managing deliverables from start to finish, shouldering responsibility for the resulting products. They require a can do attitude and a desire to learn suitable technologies to fix problems. They should be capable of leading a team and providing a platform for their team members to excel. Most of all they should be a person of trust and reliability from within their team and just as importantly with the Swarm Digital management and the client.


Salary: Negotiable