Media Buyer (357 views)

Cape Town
Jun 8, 2018

Mid-level Media Buyer

Requirements – Media, TV, Radio, Digital & Press:

  • Accurately processing client approved Media Schedules to secure Newspaper, Radio, Digital & Magazine placements with relevant media owners before bookings deadlines, booking and sending relevant Purchase orders to secure placements.
  • Analysing media owner’s contracts to ensure costs match approved media schedules and Purchase orders given must correlate with the contract amounts.
  • Creating chase lists based on approved media schedules in order to monitor material deadlines and specs.
  • Traffic the process of material deadlines and make sure material is received, confirmed and accounted for on chase lists for clients perusal.
  • Acquiring weekly and monthly newspaper tear sheets and booking placements for clients records.
  • Ornico – collection of Adhoc (Radio, Press and TV) for weekly competitive Analysis Reports for Clients.
  • Ensuring all media schedules booked are billed accordingly to set months and deadlines, to work closely with creditors on payment queries and invoices.
  • Monitoring that all clients Newspaper, radio, Magazine, Digital and TV material deadlines are met.
  • Creating Media schedules for clients. (ensure correct ABC amounts are given, material dimensions , deadlines and costs.
  • Accessing ABC for monitoring of Media reports. ( Ie. Newspapers and Magazines)
  • Ensure you work closely with designers to make sure work is sent in correct sizing and format and reaches media owner before deadline.
  • Compile a monthly Recon of all media spend.
  • Make sure TV chase lists are sent to Production Department with specs and details on uploading material and material deadlines.
  • Create CE and Po for projects, make sure unit costs and margin shows, send quote for clients approval, PO to media house.
  • Check contract is specific to media schedule and PO created.
  • Follow up on material deadline and send delivery report to media house along with flighting code.
  • IMS checking at the end of the month according to clients specs.
  • Create Po and CE’s according to costs and project details given, send and check contract is specific to booking confirmed.
  • Send material to stations with flighting code and flighting instructions.
  • IMS – checking (PCA reports) send stations feedback should spots have not placed request dubbing and liaise with changes & compensation that may occur.
  • Do bookings with relevant Media Houses; send Purchase orders according to media schedules.
  • Confirm bookings and material specs and create Briefs for designer and AE to action.
  • Create chase lists and follow up on material, send material and traffic from booking to placement for client.
  • Follow up on any errors or compensation for missed or incorrectly placed material.
  • Oversee Monthly Digital Recons.
  • Create Digital CE/  project numbers
  • Send Purchase orders based on Premium Display Banners and other Digital bookings that may arise.
  • Check PO correlates with the contract put in pace & oversee payments of Digital bookings with creditors.
  • Creating CEs / projects for Clients.
  • Creating Po’s for all bookings and other projects put in place for Digital, Radio, Press, TV.
  • Creating briefs for all creative material needed for bookings in a timeous manner in detail and supplied to AE or Designer to action.
  • Closing jobs once complete and working closely with Finance to manage costs.

Salary: R20 - 25 000