Mid-weight PR Business & Financial Writer (461 views)

Crowned by Prism as the most awarded PR Agency over the past two decades, Atmosphere, part of the King James Group, is hiring. We’re looking for a writer with a passion and flair for business & finance. Someone to create content for financial & business executives, but still have the common touch to talk to consumers.

Overview of the role:

Producing content of a financial or business nature across a broad range of blue-chip corporate clients.

Exceptional understanding of financial services, economy, investments, listed companies, markets, venture capital, currencies, local and global corporate world, mergers and acquisitions
A great nose for news
The ability to think creatively and conceptualise content approaches beyond traditional articles
The ability to write copy beyond articles and media releases – e.g. infographic copy, video scripts, digital content, blogs, reports
Adept at finding fresh, interesting new angles
Exceptional research and interview skills
Flexible writing skills: able to produce a range of content from quick turnaround tactical pieces through to deep, research-driven opinion pieces.
Experience in an online business news environment will be first prize
Three to five years of experience and a business degree a plus.


Salary: Negotiable