Social/Content Expert (428 views)

Join our internal marketing hub where we are passionate about promoting a rewarding lifestyle for our customers. We promote our own iconic brands that deserve to be known across the country. We think like a super-brand but we are nimble and experimental like a smaller company.

If you love word-smithing and worry about placement of commas in sentences you may be at the right place. We try and get our message out with as few words as possible and with as much impact as possible. We don’t believe in wasting our readers time and we ensure that every word, every punctuation mark and every sentence has a defined end result. In Short, you gotta be good at writing. You should also love the effect pictures and images have on people. However, if you believe that a picture alone tells 1,000 words do not apply! Pictures with text to guide the viewer to a conclusion are the powerful elixir that will produce a response. You must also know your way around social media, the places where our customers hang out. You need to know what they look for, how they look for it, where they look for it and serve them the correct information right there – When they need it.

Company Description

To the outside world Mobelli is a furniture retailer. Internally we thrive to solve problems in our clients’ lives. These problems are not – “I need a new Sofa!” Where others see sofa or furniture we see opportunities for families to engage with each other. For friends to meet. For meaningful conversations to happen. For relaxation to take place or simply for your self-esteem to broadcast to the world – I LOVE THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE. We like to do things differently and we realise that the one way to scale up and succeed is to get the right people in our team. Our Sister company, for which this position also caters, is WOMAG. A 25 year Veteran and innovator in the tile industry. Here too, innovation is the order of the day and opportunities for engagement with middle to top end clientele, on a one to one basis, are immense.


The key element of this position is to develop a robust content strategy, encompassing written and visual elements, to deliver the brand’s promises to their customers. The idea is that the customers will want to engage with the brands and seek out further information as you work your way to ensuring that the brands become the authorities in their respective fields. All in all, this important position will help us generate marketing qualified leads which will be handed over on a golden platter to the salespeople.

  • Work with the Marketing Manager to develop a monthly social media and content strategy
  • Create content in line with the brand’s tone of voice, advising on suitable channels and methods of communication
  • Work with the marketing team to bring ideas to life, through articles, infographics, videos, imagery and other forms of content pieces
  • Provide insight into what types of content works on various social / digital platforms
  • Keep abreast of best in class activity
  • Use analytics to identify opportunities for optimising and improving content across digital channels
  • Provide strategic insights from research into the social media behaviour in each market and use this information to build social media strategies
  • Leverage the marketing strategy through social media
  • Create reports to guide the content strategy
  • Hubspot experience (or any other inbound methodology super advantageous)
  • Two to three years’ experience in the Social Media and Copywriting

 If this position sounds interesting to you please note that it is very difficult to get to be employed in our company. We only hire A players so that the other people in our team have great talent to work with. Prepare yourself for a grueling process – the end will be worth it.

If you are interested please email your CV and contact details to – We will then send you information to complete which will then start the process.

Salary: Negotiable