Social Media Manager (287 views)

Rivonia, Johannesburg
Aug 29, 2018

Needed in Rivonia, JHB

3 years experience in social media management

Ability to conceptualize creative ideas with Art Director and give direction to design team

Ability to create and plan content strategies for social media and blogs

Copywriting skills

Knowledge of SEO, keyword research and Google AdWords

A strong visual sense

The company selects you based on your LinkedIn profile and your external portfolio link(s) or your own website.

Start date: Monday 3 September

Gross: R20 000

Take home pay: R17129

In the previous year this would have been R17053 (now R76 more!).

This is how you work it out:

Taxable income = Annual gross salary – Pension / Provident / RAF (limited to 27.5% of salary, limited to R350k) – 20% of travel allowance
(You are taxed on 80% of the travel allowance in your Gross salary, so we subtract 20% for the calculation of Taxable income.)
Taxable income = R 240,000.00 – R 0.00 – R 0.00
Taxable income for the year: R 240,000.00
Tax you will pay / PAYE (Pay As You Earn) for your age group and income bracket: R 2,722.08 (as per PAYE tables provided by SARS)
Take home pay = Gross salary – PAYE – UIF
(UIF / Unemployment Insurance Fund is levied at 1% of your gross income, at most R148.72/month.)
Take home pay = R 20,000.00 – R 2,722.08 – R 148.72
Take home pay: R 17,129.20 per month 🙂

Salary: R15 - 20 000