Strategist (449 views)

Woodstock, Cape Town
Aug 7, 2018

We are in the process of hiring a Strategist. 

You will be the voice of the consumer inside the agency and expert on brands. A keen observer of how consumers behave, act and buy brands. Strong skills in constructing simple and inspiring insights from numerous data sources.

A strong strategist should have wide range of commercial and creative knowledge with an ability to translate the language of business objectives into communication briefs that drive distinct creative solutions. A leading advocate for effectiveness and evaluation. Passion for developing work that works.

The Strategist will be a representative of the senior management team of the agency and assist in driving the culture of the company.

Some key responsibilities include:

  • Key generator of consumer insight on assigned brands, categories and communication channels, ensuring that this applied in the briefing and development of major creative and across all disciplines in communication projects
  • Custodian of all data on brands assigned to them.
  • Keeps clear and accessible history of all research on the brand, creative development, positioning and brand performance.
  • Key member of agency new business team working in partnership with leaders in all the divisions assigned to a pitch
  • Responsible for building client relationships alongside and in partnership with Account Teams
  • Fully understands the critical brand and communication issues that head up client agendas.
  • Full command of the client’s business, marketing and brand objectives. Able to provide strategic input on brand communication issues.
  • Responsible for the strategic direction of execution during creative development both for content of message and communication channel.
  • Responsible for the management and running of all information gathering and research exercises on each project.
  • Works in partnership with Account Team to avoid duplication of effort and knowledge resources.
  • Responsible for the development and standards of effectiveness evaluations for major campaigns and projects.
  • Builds strong clear briefs with Account Team – guiding and educating on the strategic direction of the brief.
  • Understands the commercial context of communication and the need to measure and track effectiveness in the market
  • Has a broad knowledge of macro and micro economic factors that can affect consumers’ attitudes and behaviour towards brands.
  • Can translate the language of commerce to the language of creativity.
  • Able to provide creative teams with constant input during the creative process.
  • Can work with the Creative Director/Digital and Social teams to help separate the idea from the execution.
  • Able to manage research applied for creative development and to ensure that interpretation of results is used effectively and to develop core ideas.
  • Seeks opportunities for creative teams to exploit different communication channels.
  • Can make key action based observations and apply them to drive communication strategy, effectiveness, brand ideas, content and channel usage.
  • Proactive in monitoring and interpreting key social and economic trends. Draws on network experience on global consumer trends to inform in-market strategy.
  • Wins the respect of creative teams on their creative judgement and input into creative development.
  • Sits on the senior management team to effectively carry out the top management mandates
  • Helps inspire and constantly stimulates all members of an account and creative/digital & social teams working on project or campaign
  • Strong formal communications skills for presentations to decision making clients.
  • Able to reduce data and information down to simple action statements.
  • Able to write compelling case studies and summaries of research and other data that prove communication effectiveness.

Skill set & requirements:

  • At least 2-3 years’ experience in advertising as a strategic planner or in a similar role in a related industry. E.g. working in a client research team. Working in the consumer research industry.
  • Educated up to first-degree level. A degree in relevant discipline would be an advantage.
  • Advanced computer and IT skills including use of key Microsoft software programs including word, power point and excel. Able to master web based applications and e-mail programs.
  • English language skills to be able to produce formal business writing, proposals and strong presentation skills

Salary: Negotiable