Systems Developer – Luxury Travel co (330 views)

Calling experienced Systems Developers…  want to go client side?

Do you easily grasp different programs and systems, understanding how to integrate them?  Do you have a good understanding of website programming, databases and API programming?    

If so, one of Africa’s pioneering travel companies who operates luxury camps and lodges in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar is looking for a Systems Developer to  develop its web-based systems, taking them to the next level, so that they ‘talk’ properly to one another, creating business efficiencies and improved management and marketing capabilities as a result.


  • 4 – 6 years programming experience as web / systems developer
  • WordPress experience
  • Understanding of databases, typically SQL
  • PHP & Javascript experience
  • Ability to work with APIs
  • Excellent understanding of how to interpret user requirements, from sales and marketing through to camp management.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to assess and understand system capabilities to get different systems to ‘talk’ to one another, such as through APIs
  • Strong understanding of CRMs
  • Experience in working with C-level executives and senior management


  • Additional programming skills, such as ASP, CSS and JQuery
  • Additional design / front end / aesthetic skills
  • Travel industry experience


  • Understand the business’s systems – taking into consideration everything from the guest CRM, to group reservation system through to B2C and B2B websites as well as the financial system.
  • Work closely together with senior management and stakeholders to improve websites and self-programmed web-based systems
  • Make use of APIs to pass data between systems and automate various processes, e.g. the way our guests are loaded each month
  • Assess the full company systems architecture making decisions on which technologies stay and which need to be replaced
  • Develop existing systems further creating improved data flows using APIs and scheduled tasks
  • Select the best future-proof replacement systems – managing their implementation process through to user adoption
  • Further develop the online web-based systems


Salary: Negotiable