Associate Content Manager – Remote position for US Company (323 views)

Do you demonstrate skill, aptitude, and knowledge in managing and assuring quality of content projects of varying levels of scale, value, and complexity?

You would be relied upon for your meticulous organization, editorial precision, and professional execution of content deliverables. You would work across all teams to champion editorial standards and processes for this US based company.

This role is essentially 60% content editor and 40% project manager.

The company has four principles that need to be embodied by all team members in their day-to-day work:

  • Obsessive Communication
  • Deliver 101%
  • Empower Others
  • Endless Improvement

Obsessive Communication is crucial for this role because the team member will be working with everyone at one point or another — whether it’s editing a blog for a client, proofing a document for the leadership, briefing a writer on an assignment, working with developers on a project, providing updates to a client about revisions or timeline, etc.

Delivering 101% is required for success in this role. Not only must this team member ensure flawless spelling and grammar in content assets, but the structure of content pieces must make logical sense and be fact-checked for accuracy. This perfectionism and attention to detail is also necessary from a project management perspective, as anything less than 101% means content pieces start to fall through the cracks.

Empowering Others is the bread and butter of this role. Being an editor isn’t simply about proofreading a writer’s work — it’s also about guiding writers in the right direction. This starts with the initial conceptualization of an article (i.e. writing up a brief and outline for the writer), and then providing constructive, helpful feedback to the writer if revisions are required. This role of “guide” empowers the writer by helping them turn in their best work, and it empowers the company and our clients to succeed by ensuring that the content we produce is high-quality and rooted in a clear purpose.

Endless improvement is the value that moves this company forward. This is an incredibly fast-paced project management role that requires managing a high volume of content, ensuring flawless quality, and interfacing with team members, clients, freelance writers, and SMEs. With so many moving parts, there’s bound to be hiccups and stressors from time to time. This team member must be committed to evaluating and refining their processes.


With these four company values in mind, here are the specific attributes we’re looking for in an Associate Content Manager:

Possess strong verbal and written communication.

  • Team member uses verbal (i.e., phone call) vs. written (i.e., email, direct messages) in appropriate situations and/or engages the relevant task manager or upper management for situational advice.
  • In general, the team member communicates directly to and through the relevant task manager for related updates and risks, as they relate to development and marketing needs.

Demonstrates the ability to think analytically.

  • Team member will break complex content project needs into task-level items.
  • Team member will document, communicate, and understand the cause and effect of a project-based decision, including the decision’s impact on other team members, tasks, or artifacts.


  • Ensure timely execution, documentation, and delivery of content projects at all milestone points in the content production process.
  • Assist the Content Strategy Manager in maintaining high-volume content workflows and editorial calendars for the company and SEO clients
  • Edit and proof content in American English and in accordance with the company’s writing style guide
  • Provide editorial guidance to our team of writers, including:
    • Conceptualizing content ideas into detailed assignment briefs
    • Answering writers’ clarifying questions
    • Sharing constructive feedback and line editing
  • Communicate with clients and stakeholders to facilitate revisions and meet project timelines
  • Design and draft email marketing messages (i.e., newsletters, drip campaigns) for internal purposes and clients
  • Take on writing assignments as needed, including but not limited to blog posts, case studies, ebooks, social media copy, webpage copy, marketing collateral, and press releases.
  • Conduct content interviews with clients and subject matter experts


Salary: R25 - 30 000