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5 Jul 2022

Hellocomputer is looking for a Creative Technologist to join our extraordinary team of developers!


The developer is a multi-skilled position with 2-4 years of working experience. They will be an enthusiastic team member, learning about technology trends/development and capable of collaborating with agency team members. They will assist senior technology team members in the delivery of projects to improve service offerings to our clients and assist junior developers with projects.

This position’s primary focus will be website front-end coding and styling with little oversight from senior-level team members. The developer will be expected to provide senior development teams with support in coding, including updates to existing code and helping to debug issues from Quality Assurance. Developers will be expected to continually learn and demonstrate that growth within the team.

The developer should have experience working in a fast-paced environment with tight timelines, demonstrate they can multi-task, listens to others, and accepts input from departmental leadership. They should possess strong written and verbal communication skills while displaying a positive attitude and a track record of being thorough and precise.


Web Development

  • Executes front-end development for assigned deliverables.


  • Brainstorm with the Business Development team and account to develop ideas to transform generic, text-heavy presentations into more graphically engaging, concise, and interactive experiences.

Project Management

  • Participates in project planning meetings.


  • Leads and advances technology practice.


  • Must know HTML 5 and Web Standards, with an understanding of markup hierarchy
  • Must know SASS, CSS pre-processor, and how to manipulate styles and layout in code. Also, experience with CSS animations and transitions is required.
  • Must have an understanding of Javascript and Jquery, and ideally would have some experience with Gulp and/or Grunt.
  • Collaborate and listen to all agency team members
  • Assist teams with technology needs, including explanations about digital standards and best practices
  • Able to apply copy edits and fixes in markup to digital projects
  • Articulate digital solutions to both senior technologists and non-digital audiences
  • Explore and share new technologies with the larger team
  • Understand and apply standard software development methodologies
  • Applies knowledge of industry trends and developments to improve service to our clients


  • Bachelor of Arts (BS)
  • Master of Science (MS)


  • 2 years
  • Web Design or Development Services, Ideally as a Consultant or in a Digital Consulting Company


Presentation Layer

  • Demonstrates the ability to program in HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Jquery)

Application Development

  • Demonstrates proficiency with website development

Computer Hardware & Software

  • Must be competent with all major Internet browsers

Adobe Creative Suite

  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)

Computer Hardware & Software

  • Familiar with tablet devices (Android, iPad) and smartphones

Computer Hardware & Software

  • Understand browser plug-ins (Java, Flash, etc.)

Computer Hardware & Software

  • Able to use both PC and Mac


Positive Attitude

  • Displays a positive attitude

Problem Solving

  • Shows interest in finding the cause of problems, looks for and chooses effective solutions, and takes the necessary action to resolve them

Quality Orientation

  • Sees details, grades them against a pre-set standard, and identifies flaws to monitor the quality of work and make any necessary improvements


  • Is attentive and shows interest in the subject
  • Expresses ideas clearly and accurately

Quick Learner

  • Thrives on learning and learns quickly.


Travel may be required for project meetings, client training sessions, internal company meetings, industry conferences, and professional development activities.


We are providing you with this job description as a guideline for your role. Based on your team, your role may vary slightly, and you may perform other duties or have other responsibilities that are dictated by business needs. However, if you think that there are elements of this job description that are inaccurate, please speak with your manager and/or HR Partner.

In addition, this job description is not intended to include modifications consistent with providing reasonable accommodation for a disability.

If you’re interested in applying for this vacancy, we’d love to hear from you!


Salary: Negotiable